About Us

About Us is the only address you need to know to order your customized premium brand cigars on the web. Here's why should be your first and only stop on the web for great cigars: 

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Our History 

We started out as premium cigar distributors in the Dominican Republic, “Cigar Country”, in 1996. For years Dominican cigar manufacturers had ignored the local market to focus on exports. Most of them are located in industrial free zones. As cigar enthusiasts, it was silly to us that premium cigars were not available in their country of origin. We came up with a mechanism to import cigars from industrial free zones to the local market and approached the major factories to offer our local distribution services. 

Our model was instantly successful. The Dominican Republic had solidified it’s global position as the key player in premium cigars, and we were on our way to become the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. Premium cigars became the authentic Dominican souvenir in the travel retail sector. Today, we are the largest premium cigar distributor in Cigar Country and one of the finest in the world. 

The idea of opening a retail division was born in 2000 with Cigar Country Stores. Our market was in need of specialized cigar stores with lower prices, knowledgeable staff and great service. We were very happy to fill the void in an industry about which we are so passionate. Today we are the leading premium cigar retailer in the Dominican Republic. 

Now we proudly bring you a concept that has been more than 10 years in the making. offers, direct from the source, a product never before available commercially: Personalized Premium Brand Cigars. Our customers will now be able to order online their favorite smokes customized. Perfect for celebrating weddings, events and any other special occasion with the best cigars available in the market. Hope you enjoy shopping on our site as much as we have enjoyed making this service available to you. 

Light up special occasions!! 

Ruben Gonzalez