image - Personalized Cigars for your Business and Corporate Gifts - Personalized Cigars for your Business and Corporate Gifts

Combine work and play. Seal the deal with personalized premium brand cigars. We customize the only the best cigars with your company logo or text of choice. Perfect for celebrating corporate meetings and important milestones. Use them for employee recognition, in client presentations, or as trade-show giveaways.

Event Planners 

Events are about celebrating. Nowadays favors, giveaways and gifts must be unique to capture the recipients attention. Order personalized premium brand cigars as the perfect accessory and watch your events light up. 

Wedding Planners 

Ideal as favors or groomsmen gifts, our cigars give brides a completely custom experience without any headaches. 

Trade Show Organizers 

Suggest as a great giveaway for vendors looking for just a little something more. Perfect gift for after closing the deal! 

Loyalty Program 

We appreciate your business. To demonstrate our appreciation we have created our “Loyalty Program”. 
How does it work?
You will receive coupons depending on the total value amount of your purchases. A coupon code will be automatically generated and sent to you when you reach the target amount. Reach $ 1,000 you receive $50, reach $ 2,000 you receive $125 and reach $5000 to receive $ 325 more. This means that if you reach the $ 5000 purchase mark you will get back $ 500 or 10% of your purchases in redeemable coupons. These coupons will be valid until the end of that calendar year.

How do I start saving? 
Our loyalty program is for everyone! Just create your account and start purchasing – you will receive a quarterly email with a summary of your accumulated purchases and coupon. (Excluding shipping charges)