image - Personalized Cigars for your Wedding Party - Personalized Cigars for your Wedding Party

Your wedding day wouldn't be nearly as much fun or memorable without all your loving friends and family who traveled to celebrate with you. Express your thanks with a wedding favor that is celebratory in nature and will be greatly appreciated by your guests. Giving away premium wedding cigars is a time honored tradition. 

Now you can use your creativity and gift personalized premium brand cigars. A unique new way to add your personal stamp to the wedding day and all other surrounding activities such as bachelor party, groomsmen and rehearsal dinner gifts. 

Pick from a selection of bridal themed clip art!

Simple text personalization is very elegant.

If you have a wedding theme you can personalize with your logo-theme 

Why premium brand cigars? 
Your guests are guaranteed to enjoy a wonderful smoke from a world renowned brand. Direct from the factory! It is best to buy only one box of a personalized premium brand cigar box than several of a no name brand. When purchasing from us you are buying freshness and quality brands. 

How many cigars should I purchase for my wedding? 
Not everybody smokes cigars but we assure you everyone is going to want to take one of these personalized cigars home. We have come across non-smokers that collect personalized wedding cigars! We recommend having enough cigars for at least ½ of your wedding guests. 

Giving personalized premium brand cigars at your wedding can be a wonderful way to add that special finishing touch to your wedding day. It's all in the details!